Helping you manage your NORM waste problems

From our NORM Decontamination Unit we can provide:

  • Radiation Contamination Surveys to establish the extent of NORM contamination.
  • Radiation Protection Supervision during shutdowns or maintenance.
  • Packaging/Labelling and Documentation of NORM waste being returned onshore.
  • NORM contaminated equipment decontamination to allow equipment to be re-used, refurbished or recycled.
  • Packaging of NORM contaminated sludge, sand, wax and PPE, with onshore storage at our approved site.
  • Disposal of NORM waste at our consolidation treatment plant.
  • Full decontamination and waste disposal recording.
  • In-house radiation detection instrumentation sales, repair and calibrations.

We offer a fully integrated, quality assured, cradle to grave NORM Management Service which has been assessed to be compliant with international Health, Safety & Environmental Standards.


Technical Details

  • 20ft by 8ft DNV Zone II certified module
  • 15ft wash bay
  • 3000 litre bunded under floor waste sump
  • 12 inch air mover fitted with exit filter
  • 2000kgs overhead extendable crane
  • ALG10 Mini BA air supply system
  • 2500 bar low flow UHP water pump
  • Lighting system and office
  • Fluid and solid transfer pump


  • The CCU is fully mobile. The system will be located in a barrier area that becomes the controlled area
  • This area is then controlled for the entry and exit of people and components
  • The area has background readings taken
  • All items have readings before and after the decontamination process
  • The area is covered by our fully approved and endorsed paperwork system
  • The area is controlled by our Senior RPS (Radiation Protection Supervisor)
  • Every movement and item is controlled and logged; all items and waste are bagged and tagged

Legislation Changes 2020

Comply with Legislation Changes, 2020 Onwards

BME constantly stays up to date with all the planned industry changes.

  • Regulations – Increasing regulatory presence offshore
  • Legislation – Continual changes
  • Liability – Ownership of the waste
  • Reliability – Dual systems and plant on every job
  • OSPAR - Potential removal of overboard discharges by 2020